The Solution

The Solution — which is really really good news…

(Please ensure you’ve understood The Problem first, otherwise The Solution will make little sense…)

Jesus Christ was sent by God, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross to bear the penalty for sin, was buried, and then rose from the grave bodily in victory over death. The full penalty for sin has been paid for by Christ, who is fully God and fully man – we must only believe (trust, have faith) in the work of Christ. (His work is good enough – ours isn’t.)

We are commanded to repent (admit our sin, to confess it, and to turn from it), to turn to Christ, and believe in the Lord Jesus and what He did on our behalf.  Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone, which are gifts from God – not by our own works at all (Ephesians 2:8-10).  Genuine salvation does indeed result in increasingly living a life that is pleasing to Christ, but in no way does that good life earn or merit salvation.

The Bible tells us why Jesus came over 2000 years ago.  It says:

  • He came to save sinners. (1 Tim. 1:15)
  • He came to seek and save that which is lost. (Luke 19:10)
  • He came to save His people from their sins. (Matthew 1:21)
  • He came to call sinners to repentance.  (Luke 5:32)

Rejoice, my friend, that you don’t have to pay the penalty for your sins yourself (which would be eternal hell)! Repent – admit and confess your sin to God and turn from it – and turn in faith to Jesus Christ, who died on the cross, bearing the wrath of God, and who rose again from the grave.

Call out to Him to save you, and to forgive you, and to give you a new heart set on Christ. Because of what Jesus did, you can indeed find complete forgiveness from God!  This is what it means to be “born again”.

Then be diligent to read your Bible, pray to God, and attend a solid, Bible-believing Bible-teaching church, where you can grow in your faith and serve God. Check out the Find a Good Church link. (More links are listed above for additional information.)

Eternity is real.  Are you ready??? Are you forgiven??? Have you turned from sin and received eternal life by faith in Jesus Christ? Or will you continue on the road to hell?

Please click the “What the Bible says” link to see more of what the Bible says about these things.