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Expository Sermons
Date Title Scripture Speaker
2013-09-15 Beware of Bad Teaching Matt.16.1-12 Dave Dunbar
2013-08-25 Compassion for the Gentiles Matt.15.29-39 Dave Dunbar
2013-08-18 Grace to an Outsider Matt.15.21-28 Dave Dunbar
2013-08-11 Giving Lip Service to God Matt.15.1-20 Dave Dunbar
2013-08-04 The Faithfulness of God (selected) Dave Dunbar
2013-07-28 They Worshipped the King Matt.14.22-36 Dave Dunbar
2013-07-21 The Resources of the King Matt.14.13-21 Dave Dunbar
2013-07-14 The Murder of the Greatest Man Matt.14.1-12 Dave Dunbar
2013-07-07 The Unwelcome King Matt.13.53-58 Dave Dunbar
2013-06-30 Two Kinds of Fish * Matt.13.47-52 Dave Dunbar
2013-06-23 The Value of the Kingdom Matt.13.44-46 Dave Dunbar
2013-06-16 Zephaniah (Bible study) Mark Landers
2013-06-16 David on Depravity and God’s Steadfast Love Psalm 36 Mark-Landers
2013-06-09 The Wheat and the Tares Matt.13.36-43 Dave Dunbar
2013-06-02 Three Kingdom Parables Matt.13.24-35 Dave Dunbar
2013-05-26 Parable of the Sower * Matt.13.18-23 Dave Dunbar
2013-05-19 Mysteries of the Kingdom Matt.13.1-17 Dave Dunbar
2013-05-12 5 Godly Mothers of the Bible (selected) Dave Dunbar
2013-05-05 The Closest Relationship Matt.12.43-50 Dave Dunbar
2013-04-28 Words, Signs and Condemnation Matt.12.33-42 Dave Dunbar
2013-04-21 Revelation, Rebuke and Reprobate Matt.12.15-32 Dave Dunbar
2013-04-14 Lord of the Sabbath Matt.12.1-14 Dave Dunbar
2013-04-07 Unrepentance and Invitation Matt.11.20-30 Dave Dunbar
2013-03-31 The Resurrection of the Son Matt.28.1-15 Dave Dunbar
2013-03-24 The Crucifixion of the Son Matt.26 and Matt.27 Dave Dunbar
2013-03-17 The Doubts of John the Baptist Matt.11.1-19 Dave Dunbar
2013-03-10 The High Price of Discipleship Matt.10.32-42 Dave Dunbar
2013-03-03 Do Not Fear Matt.10.24-31 Dave Dunbar
2013-02-24 Hated for the Sake of Christ Matt.10.16-23 Dave Dunbar
2013-02-17 Twelve Laborers in the Field Matt.10.1-15 Dave Dunbar
2013-02-10 The Compassion of the King Matt.9.35-38 Dave Dunbar
2013-02-03 Psalm 29 Psalm 29 Mark Landers
2013-01-27 Healings and Wrong Responses Matt.9.27-34 Dave Dunbar
2013-01-20 A Woman and a Daughter Matt.9.18-26 Dave Dunbar
2013-01-13 Fasting the Right Way Matt.9.14-17 Dave Dunbar
2013-01-06 Count Your Days Psalm.90.10-12 Dave Dunbar
2012-12-30 The Doctrine of Scripture Found in the Psalms Ps.19 Mark Landers
2012-12-23 The Right Time for Christmas Gal.4.4-5 Dave Dunbar
2012-12-16 The Song of Mary Luke1.46-55 Dave Dunbar
2012-12-09 Ten Paths to Judgment Ex.20.1-17 Dave Dunbar
2012-12-02 In the Beginning, part 2 Gen.1.14-31 Dave Dunbar
2012-11-25 In the Beginning, part 1 Gen.1.1-13 Dave Dunbar
2012-11-18 Eating with . . . Sinners! Matt.9.9-13 Dave Dunbar
2012-11-11 Christ’s Power to Forgive Matt.9.1-8 Dave Dunbar
2012-11-04 Christ’s Power over Demons Matt.8.16-17and Matt.8.28-34 Dave Dunbar
2012-10-28 Solus Christus (selected) Dave Dunbar
2012-10-21 Christ’s Power over Nature Matt.8.23-27 Dave Dunbar
2012-10-14 Tests of True Discipleship Matt.8.18-22 Dave Dunbar
2012-10-07 The Healing Power of the King Matt.8.1-15 Dave Dunbar
2012-09-30 Final Words of Grace 1 Thess.5.23-28 Dave Dunbar
2012-09-23 Last Minute Instructions 1 Thess.5.16-22 Dave Dunbar
2012-09-16 Christian Conduct Toward Others 1 Thess.5.12-15 Dave Dunbar
2012-09-09 Safe from the Wrath of God 1 Thess.5.1-11 Dave Dunbar
2012-09-02 The Dead in Christ Will Rise 1 Thess.4.13-18 Dave Dunbar
2012-08-26 Excelling in Love and Labor 1 Thess.4.9-12 Dave Dunbar
2012-08-19 This Is God’s Will 1 Thess.4.1-8 Dave Dunbar
2012-08-12 Abounding in Love 1 Thess.3 Dave Dunbar
2012-08-05 The Effective Word 1 Thess.2.13-20 Dave Dunbar
2012-07-29 True Gospel Ministry 1 Thess.2.1-12 Dave Dunbar
2012-07-22 Thanking God for Brethren 1 Thess.1 Dave Dunbar
2012-07-15 What’s Your Foundation? Matt.7.24-29 Dave Dunbar
2012-07-08 Depart from Me Matt.7.21-23 Dave Dunbar
2012-07-01 Watching for Wolves Matt.7.15-20 Dave Dunbar
2012-06-24 Two Roads to Eternity Matt.7.13-14 Dave Dunbar
2012-06-17 Asking and Receiving Matt.7.7-12 Dave Dunbar
2012-06-10 Judging Rightly Matt.7.1-6 Dave Dunbar
2012-06-03 Worry or Trust Matt.6.25-34 Dave Dunbar
2012-05-27 Serve God or Wealth Matt.6.19-24 Dave Dunbar
2012-05-20 Faithful Fasting Matt.6.16-18 Dave Dunbar
2012-04-29 Pray Like This Matt.6.9-15 Dave Dunbar
2012-04-22 Hiding Your Righteousness Matt.6.1-8 Dave Dunbar
2012-04-15 Loving Your Enemy Matt.5.43-48 Dave Dunbar
2012-04-08 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (selected) Dave Dunbar
2012-04-01 Resisting Evil Rightly Matt.5.38-42 Dave Dunbar
2012-03-25 Truth at All Times Matt.5.33-37 Dave Dunbar
2012-03-18 Adultery of the Heart Matt.5.27-32 Dave Dunbar
2012-03-11 Murder of the Heart Matt.5.21-26 Dave Dunbar
2012-03-04 Examples of Salt and Light Daniel 3 Dave Dunbar
2012-02-26 The Suffering of the King, part 2 Is.53.7-12 Dave Dunbar
2012-02-19 How Great a Love 1 John3.1-3 Dave Dunbar
2012-02-12 The Law and Righteousness Matt.5.17-20 Dave Dunbar
2012-02-05 Salty and Bright Matt.5.13-16 Dave Dunbar
2012-01-29 Characteristics of the Christian, part 4 Matt.5.9-12 Dave Dunbar
2012-01-22 Characteristics of the Christian, part 3 Matt.5.7-8 Dave Dunbar
2012-01-15 Characteristics of the Christian, part 2 Matt.5.5-6 Dave Dunbar
2012-01-08 Characteristics of the Christian, part 1 Matt.5.3-4 Dave Dunbar
2012-01-01 The Weeks After Jesus was Born * Luke.2.21-40 Dave Dunbar
2011-12-18 The Day Jesus was Born Luke.2.1-20 Dave Dunbar
2011-12-11 Making Christ’s Last Command Our First Concern (selected) Mike Gendron
2011-12-11 Discernment Needed to Get the Gospel Right (selected) Mike Gendron
2011-12-04 The Months Before Christmas Luke.1.26-56 Dave Dunbar
2011-11-27 The Great Sermon of the King Matt.5.1-2 Dave Dunbar
2011-11-20 The Compassion of the King Matt.4.23-25 Dave Dunbar
2011-11-13 The Fishermen of the King(evangelism)* Matt.4.18-22 Dave Dunbar
2011-11-06 The Ministry of the King Matt.4.12-17 Dave Dunbar
2011-10-30 The Suffering of the King, part 1 Is.53.1-6 Dave Dunbar
2011-10-23 Sola Scriptura (selected) Dave Dunbar
2011-10-16 The Temptation of the King Matt.4.1-11 Dave Dunbar
2011-10-09 The Baptism of the King Matt.3.13-17 Dave Dunbar
2011-10-02 The Forerunner of the King Matt.3.1-12 Dave Dunbar
2011-09-25 The Attempted Murder of the King Matt.2.13-23 Dave Dunbar
2011-09-18 The Worship of the King Matt.2.1-12 Dave Dunbar
2011-09-11 The Arrival of the King Matt.1.18-25 Dave Dunbar
2011-09-04 The Lineage of the King Matt.1.1-17 Dave Dunbar

Lectures & Bible studies
Date Title Scripture Speaker
2012-11-29 How will the church function in a radically secularized society? (lecture at pastors’ lunch) Dave Dunbar
2011-11-17 Lunch Lecture on Limited Atonement (2-page notes file in pdf format here) (lecture at pastors’ lunch) Dave Dunbar


Dave’s sermons from GBFC:

Expository Sermons
Date Title Scripture Speaker
2011-08-xx     Dave Dunbar
2011-07-xx     Dave Dunbar


6/30/2013Two Kinds of FishMatt. 13:47-52
5/26/2013Parable of the SowerMatt. 13:18-23
1/1/2012The Weeks After ChristmasLuke 2:21-40Simeon &
11/13/2011The Fishermen of the KingMatt. 4:18-22evangelism
8/21/2011Final Words *Rev. 22:18-21final 4 verses
7/3/2011Clean Robes *Rev. 22:14-17
4/10/2011The End is Near *Rev. 22:7-13